Work with heart

I am a wife, mother, small business owner and have experienced giving everything I've got on stage as a performing artist. I put my whole heart into everything I do, just like you put your whole heart into your family, your business, your craft, your production.

I picked up a camera again 16 years ago because I could feel life passing so quickly and had an intense need to save it. Save the moments as I felt them, save the emotion as it was flying by. As a parent, I saw the seasons going so quickly and wanted to save the moments as best I could. As a small business owner, I know the struggle of trying to run a business but also needing to show up as the unique human you are for potential clients to connect to. Once I entered the theatre community as an actor, I put everything I had into the roles I played and wished for a way to capture the magic a cast felt as we gave everything we had collectively every night on the stage.

These experiences fuel my passion to step into the gap I felt and be the solution for others.